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Clutter Singularity (Part Penultimate): The Great Pacific Garbage Patch, or, What Happens When Society’s Junk Piles Up

Posted in Clue x Fours and Other Tools of Sanity by Wingnut on April 21, 2010

First, to review:
Now, for the final level of junk.
The Great Pacific Garbage Patch As more and more people toss their “junk” into the collective unconsciousness, it travels rivers, flood channels, and ocean currents until it settles on that select few who have so much junk, it consumes every inch of who they are. This is the highest level of junk and, seemingly, people with this level of junk are calling themselves “adults” at an alarming rate. [According to recent estimates, the amount of junk and people with that junk would fill every square inch the state of Texas.  Others say it’s the size of the continental United States (Explains a lot)]1

While it is possible for one person to amass this amount of junk [Normally this requires decades of junk clean up to even begin to level off], more and more we see a culture where the junk flows freely about and becomes routinely visible from space. The collective unconsciousness that Jung referred to [see “Love in Time of Obama” for more on Jung’s theory] has become contaminated to the point that higher levels of junk have become the “norm”, not the exception. Popular culture even celebrates these people [TMZ, Perez Hilton, US Magazine] and gives them their own reality series [Octomom/John and Kate + 8/Britney Spears/Flava Flav ]. It almost makes you wonder when “Tiger’s Women” will have their own reality show [If Gloria Allred has her way, they soon will because they were all “victims]2. I keep waiting for Jonathan Edwards to get his own dating show on VH-1. [Many of today’s politicians, have their offices in the GPGP…the rent is cheaper and they feel right at home..]

Trash Patterns

This collective junk has reached staggering levels and continues to handicap future generations from being able to cope with all of their junk. Junk trends of the past twenty years include: Victimization and blame have replaced responsibility; sympathy has replaced empathy; entitlement has replaced “earning it”; consumption has replaced production; feelings have replaced rational thought and sound moral decisions; and “I WANT IT NOW” has replaced common sense, delayed gratification, and just about anything else you can think of.4

You need to look no further than how pop culture affects today’s teenagers. Young women are being taught to embrace their sexuality, even though countless studies show that teenage girls are emotionally unprepared to deal with sex. There was a time when you had to watch an “After School Special” or a “Very Special” episode of Blossom to get even get a mention of teenagers and sex. Only fringe networks like Fox had shows that turned high school girls into big-time whores [I mean, Kelly slept with Steve, Brandon, and Dylan during the course of the “original” 902105]  Now, television and cable are littered with shows that show varying levels of teenage depravity, including a new 90210 [Apparently they had some leftover skanks].

More and more people’s lives are beginning to resemble Lindsey Lohan, and less and less like Melissa Joan Hart [I know, Sabrina is happily married with kids–A child actress who hasn’t gone to rehab…seems impossible].

Case and point, a blog I found on the front page of WP this morning: How To Destroy Your Relationship In Ten Boozy Hours. What is most disturbing about this blog is the comments section. People are all calling it cute. She smashes a beer bottle in a drunken, jealous rage because her boyfriend won’t “pay attention” to her and everybody glosses over just what kind of behavior this is. Somewhere, this behavior because absolutely acceptable in a social setting. 6

It leaves one annoying question: What can we do to get people to start cleaning up their junk?

I’ll get back to you later. Right now, I need to take out the Junk Can. I hope I didn’t put it in the recycle bin. [Check it out, someone wants to recycle the GPGP…some people never learn]

P.S.: Apparently, we have also joined forces with Eurotrash to create a similar place in the North Atlantic. And they say NATO is dead….

[ ]


  1. This estimate is completely unscientific.
  2. In between the time I drafted and posted this, I found out that yet another Tiger mistress is stripping for Playboy. It’s like I can predict behavior or something.3
  3. Kind of like how JK and one other person predicted that honest, adult communication would make NDF’s head explode and she would bolt…hmmm…[details forthcoming in blog. COMING SOON, I SWEAR!]
  4. I also ended a sentence with of…PLLLLLLLLLLLLLTTTT!!!!!!!
  5. SLUT!
  6. I actually tried to comment and her response was to call me “not fun” and “silly”. The best response is the person who said “I smell a virgin”…really, is that how people respond these days to comments they don’t like?  Check out the comments and let me know what you think.  Funny thing, she actually edited deleted two of my comments and edited one to say “your hot! date me?”…you really need to read them if you want a snapshot at what is wrong with the world.

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