Clue-by-Four: Ramblings of a Jock Dork

About Me — Jock Dork (Blog Welcome)

Jock—Pronounced \ˈjäk\


  1. An athletic supporter.
  2. Sports. An athlete, especially in college.
  3. Slang. One characterized by excessive concern for machismo.

Dork—Pronounced \ˈdȯrk\


  1. Slang. A stupid, [socially] inept, or foolish person: “the stupid antics of America’s favorite teen-age cartoon dorks” (Joshua Mooney).
  2. Vulgar Slang. The penis, generally that of a whale.
  3. [Dictionary of Jay] Nerd

The universally accepted definition of “Jock Dork” (A term which I’m going to credit myself with inventing since Yahoo displays only 227 results counting mine, which should show up at the TOP if I’m not mistaken) is a very athletic nerd, who possesses both social and intellectual prowess. Some people prefer the term “scholar athlete”, but I don’t think that such a term clearly defines who or what I am. It’s too pompous and arrogant1.

Thus, I invented a more accurate label using Jock definition #2 and Dork definition #3.

Now, there are many that argue that other combinations apply.  Some people think I have an arrogance that borders on machismo (Some say bordering on utter narcissism2). If we are talking about being a male chauvinist, nothing could be farther from the truth. In fact, I love women who can outplay men in a “man’s” game. Of the moments I remember fondly of my ex-wife, most of them involve her getting the game-winning hit in a softball game after they “walked” the man in front of her. Furthermore, I think women have amazing things to contribute to all aspects of life and society, even if they are all a little bit coconuts3.

If we are talking about a personal sense of virility4…yeah, OK, I hit the ball wicked hard on the softball field, wicked far on the golf course, and wicked often on Wii sports (I understand video game skills were once seen as the opposite of virility, and, if I can come off of Denial Island long enough, probably still are).

Others will say I’m a giant whale penis.

Yeah, I probably am.

Welcome to my blog.

[1. This is not to say that I’m neither pompous or arrogant. In fact, I am often both, but it’s more of a down-to-earth sense of superiority. In other words, I’m an equal opportunity elitist bastard.

2. I just call it an amazing awareness of awesomeness.

3. Women are, in fact, friggin’ bonkers.

4.  It should be noted that the words amazing and lover have often been used about me, I’m just not sure if it’s always been in the same sentence.]


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